100% Earnings – 3 Months

$90.00 inc. GST / month for 3 months

3 month subscription to receive 100% earnings on every GoCatch job you complete.

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3 month subscription to receive 100% earnings on every GoCatch job you complete.

Terms & Conditions

Purchase this product to receive 100% earnings on every GoCatch job you complete for the next 3 months. This subscription will remain active as long as you have a valid and current GoCatch account. GoCatch reserves the right to limit the number of memberships available and can withdraw the offer for Membership purchase at anytime. Drivers receive the entire portion of the GoCatch commission, for clarity this is the booking fee and surcharge (taxis) or GoCatch’s commission on each trip. Levies (including CTP) and tolls that need to be remitted by GoCatch do not apply in these cases as GoCatch would not have kept these fees. GoCatch “100% Earnings Subscription” means a Package of that name purchased from the GoCatch online shop located here. All of these terms and conditions apply to any Transport Services by a Driver while the Package is current. Apart from clause [15(h)]. Which is replaced by the following: 100% of the fare gross GST and inclusive of any surcharges and booking fees shall be paid to the Driver for the duration of the GoCatch Driver Subscription Package. In the absence of per trip fare collection by GoCatch, Drivers must collect any applicable fare including levies, tolls or any applicable fees and are responsible for the payment of GST on all fares collected from GoCatch services. For the avoidance of doubt the Driver is subject to GoCatch Driver Terms of Service as provided herewith, which includes but not limited to the following provisions: Professional Behaviour [12(e)], Defrauding Passengers [47(g)], and non-transferable rights for the Provision of Services [41]. If a Driver is suspended under these terms and conditions, then GoCatch may immediately terminate this Package and retain the payment for that package.

Minimum term of 3 months. Early termination fees apply:

  • An early termination fee of $50; in addition to
  • A fee for the difference between the discounted rate provided on this plan and the original RRP rate of the base plan (1 Month at $100 inc. GST) for every month since subscribing to this plan, which will be charged to your payment method.

If you wish to cancel your subscription, you will need to contact GoCatch Support via on.gocatch.com/contact or by tapping ‘Help’ in the driver app.


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